Welcome by the website of VERHEUL GROEP BV
You can use this website the following way
Om the left hand side you see a button "trappen""
Throuch selecting this button you can chose Modern ore classic

In both categories You find over 90 fotoexamples of staircases produced through our company.

Offcourse we can show a lot more in our showroom in Montfoort
Steenovenweg 8 (Holland)
We are open daily from 7:30 p.m till 4:30 a.m (after appointment only saturdays and in the evening also possible)

Verheul Trappen BV - Steenovenweg 8 - 3417 XR Montfoort
Tel. 0348 - 47 11 16 - Fax. 0348 - 47 45 94 - E-mail: info@verheultrappen.nl